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Wussupppp everyone!

THANK YOU for wanting to know a little bit more about me and checking out the about me page :). Shows that you’re serious about this stuff and are interested to find out more.

So I’ll give you guys a little background about me.

I was a very socially awkward guy. I was never like this elementary school, where I would jump around and play on the playground with other kids without a care in the world. Shoot I bet you I approached all the pretty girls around my age back then (which was about 5ish).

But then reality hit…and so did puberty :/..which instilled in me the following emotions:

wanting others approval
afraid to speak my mind
afraid if I do speak my mind, others would disagree
a talking crutch
hard for me to talk period
and the list goes on…

Ok fine, those weren’t exactly emotions. But it is still true that those personality traits developed as I was growing up and especially in my middle school and high school days.

It became so bad that in Junior high, I was known as the “shy” kid. And soon, people stopped hanging out with me because I was “boring” to be around.

Even my own childhood friends stopped talking to me. It was actually a very sad and lonely time for me.

You know that time of teenage life where you form “clicks” or you hang out with a certain “group” at lunch time? Yeah, I didn’t have any.

I spent my lunch time in the library alone, finishing my homework. The typical nerd stereotype was very true indeed.

Well it got better in high school, and I started to make some friends. But put me in a room with a girl and you’ll be hearing crickets all day. Talk about awkward.

So college hit, and my goodness did I go through some trials and tribulations in my social life. One of them was my roommates girlfriend story which you can read about in my GFAS review.

Another story was a crush I had on this girl for about two years and me finally having the balls to confess to her, which you can read about if you are on my mailing list.

Anyways, long story short, I knowledged (spell correct tells me thats not a word :/) myself in the field of attraction and social dynamics to the point where I teach others about the subject now. I have done it for about five years now and have got some experience under my belt (including about 10,000 rejections hehe).

But of course, I have learned tons through taking action, reading every course and book I can find on the subject, and just by having thousands of interactions with women and men alike. I don’t believe in sheer numbers, but I’ll just say that I have dated TONS of beautiful women from all realms of life ;).

I don’t say this to brag, but to brag upon the potential of a human being. Because I truly believe that if one person can do something, another person can replicate it to some degree.

And for a skill to develop into your personality, it’s going to take hard work, and it’s going to take time. And the shortest way to develop a skill is to model the successful. And that’s why I’m here.

Use me as motivation, use me as the fire to take action, use my story to inspire you to write your own success story.

I seriously wish you all THE BEST the world has to offer. And that means getting the girl you want and deserve.

Take action my friends and the rewards will come with time. Thanks for reading 🙂

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