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Reflections on the Digital World & Tools

Been awhile.

Lately, I’ve been really into the tech world especially on the side of websites and web based entrepreneurial tools like virtual conference tools and web hosting.

I have been into technology ever since I could remember and once I got myself into internet marketing and the business world, it has increased my interested in it.

So it’s a topic that I know very well.

So much so, that I’ve created a separate website for it:

It’s called Rebel’s Journey and it’s based on the entrepreneurial journey of the solopreneur into building an internet based business to discover their own freedom.

But not only is it all about technology and web tools, but it’s about insight into psychology and personal development.

It’s named the “journey” because it’s about discovery. It’s about freedom. It’s about authenticity.

Some of the articles range from anything digital tools related like best website builders, best online course platforms, and best virtual conference platforms.

And of course, I’m really into website building and web hosting.

So I’ve published many articles that goes deeply into web hosting such as Bluehost vs GoDaddy Hosting & SiteGround Hosting Reviews.

And one article that stands out is about one of my favorite hosting which is WPX Hosting.

I’ve used WPX for many, many years and I can’t speak highly of them enough.

Not only do they provide some of the fastest website hosting I’ve ever used, but also some of the best customer service I’ve ever seen!

In my many years of doing business, I still can’t find a better support team than the ones they have over at WPX Hosting.

So I’ve also dedicated an entire WPX Hosting Review for them that you can read.

And of course, this is only the beginning.

I’ll be writing a ton more about this entrepreneurship journey which includes digital tools, software, web hosting, blogging, internet marketing, SEO, and everything in between!

I’ve been in the online business industry for over 10 years so I thought I would share a bit about my experiences and how I can help the next batch of entrepreneurs in their odyssey of finding their own freedom – whatever that means to them.

I also love to write, so within these articles, I’ll include my own thoughts, my own opinions and just injecting some of my knowledge about personal development as well.

I’ve been an avid reader for 15 years and after reading hundreds of books about nearly every subject you can think of, I have grown so much as a person.

And I hope I can pass on that baton of knowledge to whoever else stumbles unto the website.

It’s been quite a journey, a journey that isn’t quite over – nor will it ever be.

Because to me, it’s an eternal journey.

A journey that’s filled with rebellion, a mighty cry for freedom, and of course a journey filled with taking a lot of action towards your dream.

I hope this journey for you is filled with passion, excitement, joy and fulfillment.

Let’s utilize our gifts, give them to the world, and see what possibilities we can unleash from our own potentials.

Thanks for reading my friend.

Always with much love and gratitude.


Welcome to SocialArtistz

Wuddup wuddup everyone!

Welcome to my site, where you can get a TON of information on social interactions, dating, relationships, picking up chicks, and personal development.

My goal is to provide everyone with the BEST possible info and the latest technology on social dynamics and self-help there is.


This means that I DON’T CARE WHERE I GET THE INFORMATION FROM. If it’s good information, I will share it.

I will share it with you even if I DON’T GET A PENNY from the info that I’m sharing.

My long-term goal is to ADD VALUE to my dear, lovely readers, and to help instill knowledge into your guys’ head.

That’s all.

I live to give.

But of course, if you guys decide to purchase a course through me, by all means go for it :). It’ll help me out a lot and any help is appreciated.

Be sure to take a look around the site, as there will be some helpful reviews and articles.

Also, read about my story about my personal hardships with social interactions, by checking out the about me section.

Thanks for visiting. Have a glorious day! 🙂