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GFAS: My Girlfriend Activation System Review

Sup guys!Christian Hudson Teaching

Today, I’m going to be reviewing The Girlfriend Activation System or GFAS by Christian Hudson. You’ll be getting an INSIDER look into the actual system itself, even before you buy so that you’ll know EXACTLY what you are getting before you make your order.

But remember this is just the girlfriend activation review:

Click Here to Download the Girlfriend Activation System V2

In this honest review, I’m going to reveal EVERYTHING. I’m just going to let out all my thoughts on the program. Be warned because I’m going to cover BOTH the pros and the cons of the gfas system. So, if that’s something you don’t want to hear, you might as well hit the back button now.

I’m going to be genuinely honest and say that this is one of the BEST dating courses out there. I know there are probably thousands of programs, but TRUST ME, this is one of the best I have come across. The girlfriend activation system has also been UPDATED to Version 2, which builds on the original from many suggestions from the students. And in this newest version, you get a TON of updated videos along with other speakers to give you a broad spectrum of the best dating advice available.

Quick Pros & Cons:



  • Ton of video content, so you don’t have to do much reading if you don’t want to (but I suggest you take diligent notes & there is a downloadable PDF if you want to follow along with the video)
  • Very SOLID program that teaches you everything you need in order to have a long lasting relationship with a women.
  • TONS of bonuses
  • Multiple speakers to get information from different perspectives


  • May not be the best for the true beginners (though it is still a VITAL skill to have anyway)
  • Some parts may be very deep and confusing

My Honest Girlfriend Activation System Review GFAS

So the program basically takes you by the hand and walks you through a very easy to follow step by step process.

In the old version of the program, version 1, it was a 6 part system that was covered in detail through video.

But in the new version of the girlfriend activation system, version 2, it has expanded into a 23 part COMPLETE course. BUT remember that once you sign up you get BOTH the old version and also the new and improved Version 2 also.

So, Click Here to Get Your Hands on the New & Improved Version 2 of the Girlfriend Activation System

The GFAS starts off by covering the INNER part of your personality. This includes things like, confidence, masculinity, being truthful, being a gentlemen, and being a GOOD guy.

It goes deeply into VALUE, which is one of the main attraction mechanisms in a women, and also shows you what PERSONALITY you need to attract the beautiful women into your life.

A lot of courses, teach you how to approach girls, and get them attracted to you, but they don’t really go over into making them your GIRLFRIEND or being in a long-term relationship.

This system really GOES over EVERYTHING!

What’s Inside the System?Girlfriend Activation System - Sneak Peak!

23 Part Course covering everything from approaching women to making her your girlfriend.

You’ll find out:

  • How to be a GOOD guy versus being a BAD guy or even a NICE guy
  • What type of person YOU have to be in order to attract the girl YOU want to have
  • The KING GAME and how to use it effectively to attract women
  • Understand masculinity and what it means to be an ALPHA male

Here’s the structure of the entire course:

  1. Meet her
  2. Get her number
  3. Sex
  4. Relationship

The program goes very deeply into each category. Here’s some more things you’ll learn:

  • The PERFECT first date and subsequent perfect dates after that
  • How, what, and when to TEXT
  • Tensions and how to use them to your advantage


Complete Confidence Hypnosis
The Breathtaking Hello
Endless Conversations
Sexual Texting
The Ten Code
PLUS TONS more even those from the first version!

REVEALING Content from the ACTUAL Girlfriend Activation System

I usually reveal stuff from the actual course to give you readers a preview of what you’ll be buying.

Here’s some FREE content taken STRAIGHT from the actual course:

The differences between:

Nice Guy
Good Guy
Bad Guy

Nice guys:
They don’t trust their own value and they don’t know what’s right. He lets himself get pushed around. He’s not confrontation, and he always wants to please other people. They build up a lot of frustration because they always get pushed around.

  • An example are passive-aggressive people, where they have so much rage piled up that they just one day explode.

Good guys:
They trust their value. They have a history of doing the right thing and hold firm in their boundaries. Good guys use their power, they use it selflessly and not selfishly. They know their strengths, and they use it to in order to help other people and help build other people up. They are not afraid to speak their minds, they are not afraid to be confrontational.

They are also not afraid to tell a girl that she is hot, and they know they aren’t being disrespectful they are just speaking their minds. You ULTIMATELY want to be a GOOD GUY.

Bad guys:
Ultimately selfish. They don’t care about developing real value instead they look for hacks and shortcuts and gimmicks.

When somebody crosses a boundary, instead of standing firm, they PUSH. They don’t want people to get close to you and see the real person so they PUSH people really far away.

They ultimately don’t care about others. This is the WORSE type of guy to be.

If that’s not enough, Check out the Trailer:

 Click Here to Learn from the Best in the World

My Story: A Little Background

So, I was like some of you in the past. I couldn’t get a girlfriend to save my life.

I was one of those social awkward type of guys that just never really fit in with society. And to top it off, I was a bit of a computer nerd. I spent my days reading books and programming and playing games.

I was an extreme introvert. In fact, I barely talked to my parents in the house.

So when I hit college, it was only natural that I didn’t have much friends and just stayed home and played computer games with my roommates all day.

I don’t think I had a single female friend, except for when test time came along and they would “use” me during the test. I don’t even think I even knew how to talk to a girl. They made me soooo nervous for some reason.

THEN, one day my roommate decided to bring his girlfriend over. He introduced me to her and he had to leave to take care of something, so he left me alone with her.

It was the most awkward 15 minutes of my life.

I could tell she was trying to spark up a conversation and was trying to be as nice as possible to me, but I JUST DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO TALK ABOUT!

FINALLY, after the longest time, my roommate comes back.

He takes her to the next room and starts talking with her. We lived in a very small apartment, so I could hear everything that they were saying.

They were talking about ME.

His girlfriend was saying to him how weird and quiet I was and asking him questions like “how’d he become your roommate ANYWAY?”

I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EARS. I have never been sooo DEVESTATED in my entire life.

I took a very LONG time to think about that moment. But, on that day I decided then and there, that I would NEVER, EVER, EVERRRR be socially awkward. EVERRRR!

So as the nerd that I am, I decided to research EVERYTHING about social dynamics and social interactions, and psychology through reading books. I read, and read, and read and I actually tried all of these stuff out.

Over the years, I have gotten pretty good.

I have now dated a TON of women and have a ton of knowledge and experience under my belt. I have always tried every kind of dating system under the sun.

And of course, one that I HIGHLY recommend for ANYONE, especially those who want a stable relationship, is the girlfriend activation system, by Christian Hudson. It really covers everything you need to get a good solid girlfriend in very fine detail.

Wrapping it Up

So that was my honest girlfriend activation system review. I hope that you found some value out of it, and maybe helped you make up your mind in buying the system. REMEMBER, no matter how good a course is, you still need to APPLY it in order for it to work. So go out there, buy the course and put in a TON of action and you WILL get results. Here’s to your success.


My Rating:


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Reflections on the Digital World & Tools

Been awhile.

Lately, I’ve been really into the tech world especially on the side of websites and web based entrepreneurial tools like virtual conference tools and web hosting.

I have been into technology ever since I could remember and once I got myself into internet marketing and the business world, it has increased my interested in it.

So it’s a topic that I know very well.

So much so, that I’ve created a separate website for it:

It’s called Rebel’s Journey and it’s based on the entrepreneurial journey of the solopreneur into building an internet based business to discover their own freedom.

But not only is it all about technology and web tools, but it’s about insight into psychology and personal development.

It’s named the “journey” because it’s about discovery. It’s about freedom. It’s about authenticity.

Some of the articles range from anything digital tools related like best website builders, best online course platforms, and best virtual conference platforms.

And of course, I’m really into website building and web hosting.

So I’ve published many articles that goes deeply into web hosting such as Bluehost vs GoDaddy Hosting & SiteGround Hosting Reviews.

And one article that stands out is about one of my favorite hosting which is WPX Hosting.

I’ve used WPX for many, many years and I can’t speak highly of them enough.

Not only do they provide some of the fastest website hosting I’ve ever used, but also some of the best customer service I’ve ever seen!

In my many years of doing business, I still can’t find a better support team than the ones they have over at WPX Hosting.

So I’ve also dedicated an entire WPX Hosting Review for them that you can read.

And of course, this is only the beginning.

I’ll be writing a ton more about this entrepreneurship journey which includes digital tools, software, web hosting, blogging, internet marketing, SEO, and everything in between!

I’ve been in the online business industry for over 10 years so I thought I would share a bit about my experiences and how I can help the next batch of entrepreneurs in their odyssey of finding their own freedom – whatever that means to them.

I also love to write, so within these articles, I’ll include my own thoughts, my own opinions and just injecting some of my knowledge about personal development as well.

I’ve been an avid reader for 15 years and after reading hundreds of books about nearly every subject you can think of, I have grown so much as a person.

And I hope I can pass on that baton of knowledge to whoever else stumbles unto the website.

It’s been quite a journey, a journey that isn’t quite over – nor will it ever be.

Because to me, it’s an eternal journey.

A journey that’s filled with rebellion, a mighty cry for freedom, and of course a journey filled with taking a lot of action towards your dream.

I hope this journey for you is filled with passion, excitement, joy and fulfillment.

Let’s utilize our gifts, give them to the world, and see what possibilities we can unleash from our own potentials.

Thanks for reading my friend.

Always with much love and gratitude.


alpha level iq brain

Alpha Levo IQ – Superhuman Pill?

What’s up guys!alpha level iq brain

Today I wanted to review a product that’s supposedly called the “limitless pill,” called Alpha Levo IQ from Edge Bioactives. It’s basically supposed to give you super human brain powers, which can help you mind control others like Professor X from Xmen.

Just kidding.

It does help you stay focused and clear brain fog though :). If you want to go ahead and get it,

Click Here to for Tony Starks like Brain Power with Alpha Levo

Okay so don’t get me wrong, but you really CAN’T become a Albert Einstein-like genius just by popping in a few pills. It just doesn’t work that way.

And if it does, let me know. I’ll write a review on it 😉

But anyways, the alpha levo iq DOES HELP WITH MENTAL CLARITY.

It might not happen overnight, but after a few weeks of taking such a supplement you’ll notice that your brain fog/wall will have cleared up and you can really focus more and for longer periods.

So, let me just give you my experience with the LIMITLESS PILL and how it worked on me.

Also, if you haven’t seen the “Limitless” movie, take a look at the trailer here:

My Alpha Levo IQ Guinea Pig Experiement

So I got the product because I wanted to test for myself what the hype was all about for this so called genius brain supplement.

And to my surprise, after a few weeks, I actually did feel more concentrated and more creative. It also got me more energetic too.

But like as I have said before, do not expect miracles because this isn’t an overnight brain supplement that’ll instantly turn you into Elon Musk.

You need to give it TIME.

For me, I popped a few of these brain pills and didn’t notice anything the next day.

Or the next. Or the day after. Or even the week after that.


I think the pills started to kick in at about week 3 mark.

THEN, I started to feel the intense laser like focus I was getting out of my work sessions.

I would work for like 3 hours straight and it would feel like 30 minutes.


It really did help my concentration and thought process. In fact, I was so concentrated that I forgot to eat!

Seriously, I worked for about 3 hours, then took a break, then work for another 3, and I completely forgot that I skipped lunch! I WAS THAT SUPER CONCENTRATED.

Click Here to Get Edge Bioactives Superman Concentration Pills

Alpha ingredients for an alpha product

So what’s inside:

Vitamin B6

This is probably one of the main ingredients because of it’s ability to boost the communication of the cells and the brain. Is also suppose to increase mental energy and help prevent against brain shrinking.


Another type of vitamin b that’s suppose to be crucial for the brain and helps you to remember stuff more easily.

Vitamin B12

It protects your brain from problems of memory and also helps with depression too. It is also shown to help with concentration and keep your attention on one thing at a time.


Zinc gives your brain natural antioxidants which also help it to shield off any sort of infections you might have with your brain.

Ginkgo Biloba

It supposedly helps the growth of neural stem cells and helps fight against cognitive destruction and of course memory loss

Korean Ginseng Root

An herb from the Korean peninsula that has a myth that says that the older the root, the more potent and powerful it is for the body and the brain.


This rare herb helps carry oxygen and glucose to the brain and has been used by specialists to treat hysteria, epilepsy, and nervous disorders.

Huperzia Serrata

An herb that’s supposed to help you increase lucid dreams and better memory improvement.

Omega 3 triglycerides: (EPA) & (DHA)

SO many healthy benefits of omega-3 that I can’t name them all. It’s basically good for your heart, your health, and your brain. It’s pretty much a unanimous thing in the health industry that Omega-3 is good for you.


NO High fructose corn syrup
NO Lactose sucrose
NO Peanuts, yeast or allergens
NO Animal byproducts
NO Gluten , wheat, dairy, eggs

It is also certified caffeine free and contains a FocusMaxtm attention span booster (whatever that means).

And of course manufactured in the USA at a FDA registered facility. I actually back up the Edge Bioactives company because I have bought products from them before and I was very satisfied.

Other Interesting Facts about Alpha Levo IQ The Nootropic Super Pillhow alpha levo iq works

So these types of brain supplements that enhance memory are what’s called Nootropics, or neuro cognitive enhancer (NCE for short).

And it’s basically supposed to give you superior focus, concentration and memory by taking them.

They even made a movie about pills like alpha levo called “Limitless.” Check out the trailer above. It was actually quite an entertaining movie with Bradley Cooper.

Anyways, nootropic was named by a psychologist/chemist in 1972 and comes from the word “mind”

Now, a lot of these drugs contain stimulants such as caffeine to stimulate the mind, but alpha levo doesn’t contain any of that, as it contains a lot of natural ingredients.

Another thing to note, it contains a lot of Vitamin B.

Vitamin B, as research has shown can reduce brain shrinkage by up to 90 percent! It also helps protect against Alzheimer’s (which is a brain disease), so it’s showing evidence that it’s good for the brain basically.

Studies also show that in combination with Omega-3 fatty acids, that a high dosage of vitamin B’s slowed brain wasting, called atrophy by as much as 40%!

So you can see why Vitamin B is really good for your brain when combined with Omega 3s!

Of course, Alpha Levo iq contains a lot more than these two ingredients.

Final Words on Alpha Levo IQ Review

Thanks for reading my alpha levo iq review! I had a great time testing and writing a nootropics review.

Let me finish off by saying that no single pill is going to turn you into Bill Gates, as I have said many times before. BUT IT CAN HELP.

You not only should be taking supplements that help enhance brain function, but you ALSO should be eating a CLEAN, HEALTHY DIET. AND you should also be EXERCISING DAILY!

When you combine all of these elements, THEN you will simply have a brain that can concentrate and do intense SUPER FOCUSED WORK for hours on end!

Remember, that this nootropic, limitless pill is just a supplement. A SUPPLEMENT. As in an ADD-ON.

Get a clean diet and exercise regime and awesome daily habits FIRST, before you take this superman pill.

And if you have all of those down, well then TAKE MASSIVE ACTION RIGHT NOW and get this amazing nootropic supplement.

Well, that’s all from me. I hope I’ve added some kind of value and I thank you very much once again for reading! To your success. Cheers


Click Here to Get Edge Bioactives Alpha Levo IQ and Get the Brain Size of Albert Einstein


My Rating:



athletic greens premium superfood cocktail

Athletic Greens Superfood Review – Does it Work?

Hey guys!Athletic Greens Premium Superfood Cocktail

So I wanted to review a product that I’ve come across, and quite honestly fell in love with. I usually, don’t endorse supplements of any sorts, but this is an exception, because I just like it so damn much. Well anyways, the product is Athletic Greens and you can get the product for A VERY SHORT TIME of 50% off here:

Click Here to 50% OFF Athletic Greens for the FIRST 13 People!

Instead of just listing the pros and cons, let me honestly tell you what I liked about it and what I didn’t like about it.

What I liked about Athletic Greens:


  • I LOVED all the ingredients it had. Definitely a all-in-one super drink cocktail, and I take it twice a day. Overall it has about 8.5 grams of raw, organic super foods
  • I liked the taste (kinda). It has a small “greeny” after taste, but it also has a sweet/sour taste to it. I would say a mixture of raspberry and an artificial sweetner (I think it’s the stevia), and a very small hint of chocolate, especially on the nose.
  • Has all the daily vitamins, minerals and herbs you need. You don’t really need anything else really, except maybe protein.

What I disliked about Athletic Greens Superdrink


  • The package I got (30 day supply) in a ziploc type of package. What I didn’t like though, is that it didn’t come with a scooper. It’s not a deal breaker or anything, but I did have to use a spoon every time (am I lazy or what?).
  • Since it was in the ziplock type of packaging, I sometimes had to open it while putting the spoon in and taking the powder out, causing a small spill. I wish they used a plastic jar instead (you know the big ones that the whey protein companies use). It would have just been a “cleaner” experience.
  • Uses stevia as sweetner. Although stevia is considered a “herb”

Taste and Texture:

So the powder particles are very fine. It’s similar to very fine sand. And the smell is very..sweet I would say. It doesn’t really smell very “greeny” or “leafy” at all.

I really liked the taste. It doesn’t have that green or seaweedy taste that most green drinks have. Rather it has a mild sweet/sour taste kinda like raspberry. There might be a very small green after taste, but nothing too major.

I usually use a shaker bottle to shake up the AG and maybe about a cup of water. It mixes really well this way, and I’m not sure how well it’ll mix when you just stir it with a spoon, although I think it shouldn’t be a problem, because AG is very fine in texture.

Athletic Greens Ingredients:

More Nutritional Info AG

Of course this is probably the most important part and what makes athletic greens different from other green drinks.

I love the fact that not only is it a “green” drink, but it is also a multi-vitamin replacement, because it has essentially all the vitamins and minerals in your everyday multi-vitamin pill.

It also includes all the B vitamins which are extremely good for the brain.

Let’s get into their Superfood Complex:
Their “alkaline” raw superfood complex composes of many different, extremely healthy ingredients.

Such notables are: organic wheatgrass juice powder, red beet root powder (I don’t think I’ve ever seen this in other green drinks), organic spirufina, organic alfalfa powder, some spinach and some kelp along with many others.

Total Alkalizing raw superfood per serving:


Herbs and Antioxidants:

Noteworthy ingredients: gotu kola, rosemary leaf extract, dandelion root, milk thistle (yay don’t have to buy the supplement separately), and some stevia for flavor.

They’ve also included co-enzyme Q-10 which is supposed to be extremely good for your skin!

Total herbs and antioxidants:


They’ve also added some extremely healthy ingredients such as reishi mushroom (a big fan of), shiitake mushrooms, and of course billions of probiotics for digestive health.

All in all, Athletic Greens is a COMPLETE overall healthy drink

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Effects on Health and Lifestyle

In my case, I’ve been taking green drinks for many years now. I’ve tried all types of green drinks, from your very basic kinds, to complete meal replacements.

AG supplement-factsI guess the technology of green drinks has evolved, because they are adding more and more healthier ingredients to these products, but also the pricing has increased with it as well.

For me, I’ve been taking athletic greens for about a month now, and I can say that it is doing it’s job. I’ve been taking green drinks ever since, so I can’t really comment on the energy differences between my prior green drinks, but energy levels are high as always and my digestive system is in tact (very solid and healthy poo :)).

If you’re not taking a green drink, or multi-vitamins of some sort, then I highly recommend athletic greens or at least some sort of super green drink or multi-vitamin.

Trust me, once you take it every day for a few weeks, your energy will go through the roof! And you’ll just feel so much more healthier.

I’m also a hardcore Tim Ferriss fan (if you don’t know him, you should! Google him this instant! He’s the author of one of my favorite books the Four Hour Workweek) and he recommends and uses AG himself.

This is what he said:

“My favorite greens supplement. This is my all-in-one greens insurance policy. It contains 76 ingredients, including inulin for bacterial balance”

And I concur with his statement.

As for lifestyle balances, you always want to be balancing diet and exercise with your supplements.

In my opinion, this supplement shouldn’t be your number one priority if you want to be healthy. If you want to be healthy, this should be the order of importance:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Supplements

Supplements are exactly that. SUPPLEMENTS. They are add ons and not a be all and end all product. Your diet is the most important, as they make up most of your healthy body, and then it is exercise.

After you have those two down, THEN you can take some supplements as an add-on.

You should truly aim for a WHOLISTIC approach to healthy lifestyle

Athletic Greens Conclusion

Well, that wraps up my athletic greens review. I only promote products that I use and I use this stuff everyday. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a miracle product, but it is an AWESOME green drink. Remember that you need to have the right diet and exercise in order to stay healthy. But athletic greens can definitely help after those two have been taken care of. Thanks for reading, and I wish you a marvelous, healthy life!

Click Here to Get 50% OFF Athletic Greens! Final Chance!

My Rating:


inside pandoras box

Pandora’s Box System by Vin Dicarlo

WUSSSSUP GUYS!vin dicarlo behind the scenes

It’s David here with another product review. Today I will be reviewing the Vin Dicarlo Pandora’s Box System, which has been
very popular on the internet, especially because of the infamous “3 questions to turn a girl on.”

If you wanna go ahead and check out the official site, Click Here to Visit the Site

So the big question is: what are the 3 questions and can they really get me laid?

Yes and no. But before I get into the 3 questions, let me give you a quick overview of the pandora’s box vin dicarlo.

Pandora’s Box System Overview

Pros & Cons


  • The system is developed based on an in-depth research on the female psychology.
  • Comes with both video and pdf file formats, so that it’s easy to follow along.
  • You get an extensive knowledge about the human mind (both male and female).
  • A very unique approach to the world of attraction.
  • Exclusive weekly interviews of the different types of girls in the program


  • Can take a bit of time to master.
  • Is more for the advanced guys, and could be harder for beginners.
  • Have to pay for the weekly interviews.

What’s Inside the Box

inside pandoras box

Inside Pandoras Box

The main juice of the program is contained in 11 videos (and all come with downloadable PDFs), where Vin takes you from the research done on the program to how it is all implemented in real life.

I was actually very surprised to find out how knowledgeable Vin DiCarlo and his team were. They did their homework FORSURE :). Well, the system is based deeply on the evolutionary mind of the girl, and also her current societal mind of today’s world. So, it’s a mix of both the OLD evolutionary brain and the NEW current standards of society. Very well thought of. Bravo.

Here are the sections it’s divided into along with how long they are in minutes:

  1. Myth and Intro 16:55
  2. Redefining the Goal 3:40
  3. The Difference Between Men and Women 23:43
  4. Vital Information 8:04
  5. The Three Great Conflicts of the Female Mind 32:47
  6. The Time Line: Test vs. Invest 16:15
  7. The Sex Line: Deny vs. Justify 23:15
  8. The Relationship Line: Realist vs. Idealist 9:51
  9. Mind Reading: Determine Her Type 8:18
  10. Pop Quiz 13:21
  11. Ultimate Strategy Guide – This part actually has no video, but it’s a PDF that contains 74 pages from beginning to end.

So, just the videos alone, will roughly take you about 3 hours to finish, and maybe another hour to read the ultimate strategy guide. So after about 4 hours (realistically, it’s more, I’d say about 5 or 6 hours total) you’ll get down the “Core System” of the pandora’s box.

Of course there’s also the bonuses and the advanced part, aka the PhD program (which goes deeply into every personality type and interviews with different women) which will probably take a lot more hours.

But of course cramming isn’t that effective (coming from the ultimate hypocrite, procrastinator :/). So I would advise you do about an hour of video a day over the span of a week. You should understand the program a lot more that way.

Click Here to Download the Pandora’s Box by Vin Dicarlo


The Pandora’s box System comes with “7 fast action bonuses.” I haven’t had a chance to use them yet. But here they are with their descriptions (which are their descriptions, not mine):

  • Facebook Famous: 7 Copy & Paste profile tricks
  • Speed Mindreading: Detect Women who want a boyfriend NOW
  • Text Message Teleportation: Get her to your place
  • Bon Apetit: 11 finger foods that’ll instill her with desire
  • Movie Magic: 9 movies to fall in love with
  • F-Buddy Formula: Self-explanatory

What are the 3 Questions and can they get me girls?

The three questions are based on the 3 major conflicts between her biological urges and her role to play in society, according to

New Beta Version of Pandoras Box

New Beta Version of Pandoras Box


So the three questions are derived from the mental strategy she uses to cope with those 3 major conflicts.

The 3 major conflicts are:

  • Her conflict of TIME
  • Her conflict of SEX
  • Her conflict of RELATIONSHIPS

Vin calls these the “Lines,” where he adds the word line after each of them.

Let me go over each in brief detail:

Time Line

Girls typically have a major conflict with time. The older she gets, the less value she has in the eyes of a guy. And there is also a pressure from society to be with a “high value guy.”

So you need to find out her coping mechanisms to deal with TIME. And to deal with the conflict of time, girls are of one of two categories:

She eithers puts multiple guys on trial to test them. (T)est


She’ll get the first or best available guy and try to change him. I(N)vest

So she is either a T or an N.

REMEMBER: You see those letters in parentheses? Yeah, you’ll need these letters in a moment to find out her personality type.

Sex Line

Girls want the pleasure of having sex, but have social (being called a slut) and evolutionary consequences (being pregnant for nine months).

So here are the “questions”:

She can “deny” having sex, or protecting her image, or getting pleasure from sex. (D)eny


She can “justify” having sex, saying things like: “it’s just sex, it’s not a big deal” or “I was drunk.” etc. (J)ustify

Relationship Line

The evolutionary mind of a female, tends to have her be a good “mother” and nurture for her kids. But society pressures her to become an independent woman, and to be able to support herself just in case, in today’s world of high divorce rates.

So here are the conflicts:

She can either be a “realist” by seeking to get a job and be independent, because statistically she has a high chance of getting a divorce, or the guy running away, or not getting a guy at all, blah, blah, blah. (R)realist


-She can be an “idealist” who dreams of finding the perfect guy, staying at home with the kids, and someone who is very family oriented. (I)dealist

Personality Type

OK NOW, that we have all these terrific letters in our hands, we combine them all and form her “Personality Type.” So you can
have 8 different combinations which surprisingly (sarcasm) gives us 8 personality types. Here they are:

  • NJI – The CinderellaPandoras box 8 personality types
  • NDR – Connoisseur
  • TDR – Your Private Dancer
  • NJR – Modern Woman
  • NDI – Hopeful Romantic
  • TJR – Seductress
  • TJI – Social Butterfly
  • TDI – Playette

So for example, if she is an iNvestor (N), a Justifier (J) and Realist (R), we get NJR, which results in the Modern Woman. Which by the way was my ex-girlfriend, and it is actually pretty accurate.

Yeah, that’s the jist of the program and strategy to finding out her type. But also check out the strategy guide for the different types to get the most of this “technique.”

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Exclusive Sneak Peak Inside

Just for you my lovely readers, I’ll share some info that I’ve stolen from the Pandora’s Box Course research team (please don’t tell Vin!). I’m doing this just for you guys. Just for you. You can thank me later.

The section I’m going to reveal is from the Difference Between Men and Women, and I thought it was pretty insightful:

the difference between men and women - vin dicarloDifference Between Men and Women

Men and women have different brains.

We all have a left and a right brain, with a membrane in the middle separating the two.

BUT, women actually have a thicker membrane than men. They have a very thick, highly connected membrane as the research turns out.

And this is the reason WHY, women may seem to be more “emotion” related than men are.

Because women have a more connected membrane, they actually have a more dynamic emotional range and are in line deeper with their emotions than men are.

Men for example, could understand sadness and love LOGICALLY, but sometimes have a hard connecting the definition with the feeling.

This is why men have higher rates of autism and are typically more socially and more mentally awkward.

So, say a male buddy of yours is having a hard time with a problem. You want to find a solution to his problem to try and help him out right? And he came to you with his problem to see if you can help him find a solution.

BUT try to help a female find a solution with the same problem, and you’ll typically get a different response. The most common answer being “YOU’RE NOT LISTENING!” (echoes of these three words booming in my head).

Women just want others to FEEL what she is feeling. This is why women get together in groups and SYMPATHIZE with each other for hours on end. It’s the same as “solving” their problems.

To break it down:

Men want a solution when a friend is having a problem.

Women want someone to immerse herself in that emotion.

And of course, being emotional is not a weakness.

Men tend to blame others, for something that happened. Women tend to blame themselves.

This blaming themselves can give them a lot of emotional weight. So in a sense, women can be emotionally stronger than men, if that makes sense.

So there’s some juicy info right there taken straight from the Pandora’s Box Vin Dicarlo playbook.

Read This:

None of the info in here, or in the pandora’s box program will be relevant if you don’t TAKE ACTION! So please, for the love of god, take action!! Go out and talk to hundreds of women to be a natural at finding out her type. I only want to help. And for me to help you, you have to implement and practice. Or all of this information will be useless.

But I believe in you. That’s why I’ve laid out all this info.

And soon, you’ll have a BEAUTIFUL girl, inside and out, or beautiful GIRLS (plural) if you’re into that, by your side and treating you like a king. But first, you have to become someone worthy in order to get something that’s of worth. Work on yourself to become someone others respect and someone who is loved.

To your success and your journey.


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