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Today, I’m going to be reviewing The Girlfriend Activation System or GFAS by Christian Hudson. You’ll be getting an INSIDER look into the actual system itself, even before you buy so that you’ll know EXACTLY what you are getting before you make your order.

But remember this is just the girlfriend activation review:

Click Here to Download the Girlfriend Activation System V2

In this honest review, I’m going to reveal EVERYTHING. I’m just going to let out all my thoughts on the program. Be warned because I’m going to cover BOTH the pros and the cons of the gfas system. So, if that’s something you don’t want to hear, you might as well hit the back button now.

I’m going to be genuinely honest and say that this is one of the BEST dating courses out there. I know there are probably thousands of programs, but TRUST ME, this is one of the best I have come across. The girlfriend activation system has also been UPDATED to Version 2, which builds on the original from many suggestions from the students. And in this newest version, you get a TON of updated videos along with other speakers to give you a broad spectrum of the best dating advice available.

Quick Pros & Cons:



  • Ton of video content, so you don’t have to do much reading if you don’t want to (but I suggest you take diligent notes & there is a downloadable PDF if you want to follow along with the video)
  • Very SOLID program that teaches you everything you need in order to have a long lasting relationship with a women.
  • TONS of bonuses
  • Multiple speakers to get information from different perspectives


  • May not be the best for the true beginners (though it is still a VITAL skill to have anyway)
  • Some parts may be very deep and confusing

My Honest Girlfriend Activation System Review GFAS

So the program basically takes you by the hand and walks you through a very easy to follow step by step process.

In the old version of the program, version 1, it was a 6 part system that was covered in detail through video.

But in the new version of the girlfriend activation system, version 2, it has expanded into a 23 part COMPLETE course. BUT remember that once you sign up you get BOTH the old version and also the new and improved Version 2 also.

So, Click Here to Get Your Hands on the New & Improved Version 2 of the Girlfriend Activation System

The GFAS starts off by covering the INNER part of your personality. This includes things like, confidence, masculinity, being truthful, being a gentlemen, and being a GOOD guy.

It goes deeply into VALUE, which is one of the main attraction mechanisms in a women, and also shows you what PERSONALITY you need to attract the beautiful women into your life.

A lot of courses, teach you how to approach girls, and get them attracted to you, but they don’t really go over into making them your GIRLFRIEND or being in a long-term relationship.

This system really GOES over EVERYTHING!

What’s Inside the System?Girlfriend Activation System - Sneak Peak!

23 Part Course covering everything from approaching women to making her your girlfriend.

You’ll find out:

  • How to be a GOOD guy versus being a BAD guy or even a NICE guy
  • What type of person YOU have to be in order to attract the girl YOU want to have
  • The KING GAME and how to use it effectively to attract women
  • Understand masculinity and what it means to be an ALPHA male

Here’s the structure of the entire course:

  1. Meet her
  2. Get her number
  3. Sex
  4. Relationship

The program goes very deeply into each category. Here’s some more things you’ll learn:

  • The PERFECT first date and subsequent perfect dates after that
  • How, what, and when to TEXT
  • Tensions and how to use them to your advantage


Complete Confidence Hypnosis
The Breathtaking Hello
Endless Conversations
Sexual Texting
The Ten Code
PLUS TONS more even those from the first version!

REVEALING Content from the ACTUAL Girlfriend Activation System

I usually reveal stuff from the actual course to give you readers a preview of what you’ll be buying.

Here’s some FREE content taken STRAIGHT from the actual course:

The differences between:

Nice Guy
Good Guy
Bad Guy

Nice guys:
They don’t trust their own value and they don’t know what’s right. He lets himself get pushed around. He’s not confrontation, and he always wants to please other people. They build up a lot of frustration because they always get pushed around.

  • An example are passive-aggressive people, where they have so much rage piled up that they just one day explode.

Good guys:
They trust their value. They have a history of doing the right thing and hold firm in their boundaries. Good guys use their power, they use it selflessly and not selfishly. They know their strengths, and they use it to in order to help other people and help build other people up. They are not afraid to speak their minds, they are not afraid to be confrontational.

They are also not afraid to tell a girl that she is hot, and they know they aren’t being disrespectful they are just speaking their minds. You ULTIMATELY want to be a GOOD GUY.

Bad guys:
Ultimately selfish. They don’t care about developing real value instead they look for hacks and shortcuts and gimmicks.

When somebody crosses a boundary, instead of standing firm, they PUSH. They don’t want people to get close to you and see the real person so they PUSH people really far away.

They ultimately don’t care about others. This is the WORSE type of guy to be.

If that’s not enough, Check out the Trailer:

 Click Here to Learn from the Best in the World

My Story: A Little Background

So, I was like some of you in the past. I couldn’t get a girlfriend to save my life.

I was one of those social awkward type of guys that just never really fit in with society. And to top it off, I was a bit of a computer nerd. I spent my days reading books and programming and playing games.

I was an extreme introvert. In fact, I barely talked to my parents in the house.

So when I hit college, it was only natural that I didn’t have much friends and just stayed home and played computer games with my roommates all day.

I don’t think I had a single female friend, except for when test time came along and they would “use” me during the test. I don’t even think I even knew how to talk to a girl. They made me soooo nervous for some reason.

THEN, one day my roommate decided to bring his girlfriend over. He introduced me to her and he had to leave to take care of something, so he left me alone with her.

It was the most awkward 15 minutes of my life.

I could tell she was trying to spark up a conversation and was trying to be as nice as possible to me, but I JUST DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO TALK ABOUT!

FINALLY, after the longest time, my roommate comes back.

He takes her to the next room and starts talking with her. We lived in a very small apartment, so I could hear everything that they were saying.

They were talking about ME.

His girlfriend was saying to him how weird and quiet I was and asking him questions like “how’d he become your roommate ANYWAY?”

I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EARS. I have never been sooo DEVESTATED in my entire life.

I took a very LONG time to think about that moment. But, on that day I decided then and there, that I would NEVER, EVER, EVERRRR be socially awkward. EVERRRR!

So as the nerd that I am, I decided to research EVERYTHING about social dynamics and social interactions, and psychology through reading books. I read, and read, and read and I actually tried all of these stuff out.

Over the years, I have gotten pretty good.

I have now dated a TON of women and have a ton of knowledge and experience under my belt. I have always tried every kind of dating system under the sun.

And of course, one that I HIGHLY recommend for ANYONE, especially those who want a stable relationship, is the girlfriend activation system, by Christian Hudson. It really covers everything you need to get a good solid girlfriend in very fine detail.

Wrapping it Up

So that was my honest girlfriend activation system review. I hope that you found some value out of it, and maybe helped you make up your mind in buying the system. REMEMBER, no matter how good a course is, you still need to APPLY it in order for it to work. So go out there, buy the course and put in a TON of action and you WILL get results. Here’s to your success.


My Rating:


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